Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jeremy gets all self-referential.

JEREMY: [Sitting at his desk.] You know, if I could do my teenage years over again, I would totally wear t-shirts from Hanoi Rocks and The Replacements, and I would be the most esoteric fifteen year old in f*cking high school. Mötley Crüe rocks? F*ck you. Hanoi Rocks. You want sex, drugs, and rock n' roll? The Replacements were too f*cked up to even make it on stage.

JILL: [Sitting at her computer.] I, like, totally love you right now. [Opens new word document, starts typing.] ...Say, can you repeat all that?

JEREMY: In a minute. I'm busy looking for obscure sh*t on Ebay.

JILL: [Grins.]

JEREMY:...Someday I am going to find that Saigon Kick t-shirt with the lizard on it--the same one I have on my shoulder--so I can wear a shirt that matches my tattoo, with the image on it that inspired my tattoo.

JILL: Wow, meta.

JEREMY: [Grins.]

[end scene]

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